Inner Space Interactive Sourcing – the IST Technique

Through emotional release and metaphysical opening IST delivers lasting change and resolution of mental, emotional and energetic issues.

Emotional patterns drop, mental conditioning is dismantled, you come alive!

How? IST is about finding the Source

At deep layers, beyond the level of the ordinary mind, lie forces that shape personality, cause neurosis and at times even ill-health.

In life we think about our issues, we talk about our problems, we fix our symptoms, but often the root causes lie beyond the level of the ordinary mind remaining unknown and unresolved.

Sourcing is about moving from the external layers of thoughts, emotions and patterns to their internal roots in the depths of the psyche. Profound realizations come from seeing for yourself what lies behind your habitual attitudes and emotional patterns.

In the Inner Space of IST you ...

  • access deep levels where root causes reside.
  • address causes rather than symptoms.
  • experience the metaphysical aspects of your nature.
  • come in touch with bigger parts, parts beyond the ordinary mind, states of simply 'being'.
  • experience the real you ... a profound spiritual realization and ... the part that can change.

Experiences of your essence bring the clarity and awakening that is at the heart of the IST healing process.

Without such metaphysical openings, psychological and health issues could go around in circles, escaping resolution.

The Process

No knowledge or training in meditation is required. The role of the IST practitioner is to facilitate and support your journey inside by holding the inner space for you and asking questions.